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2020-06-23 01:07


Mobile App Developers display solid understanding of core engineering concepts, particularly related to mobile app. They are focused on growing as an engineer, learning the team's tools and current processes, and developing productivity skills, as well as a strong background in mobile app development and Engineering best-practices like testing, source control, and agile planning.

Capable of taking semi-scoped mobile app project and completing these tasks in a reasonable time frame. They can own their independent features / bug-fixes all the way through from technical design to launch.

Mobile Developers are focused on learning about the mobile app specific component or product sub-area and mastering this component.

They communicate well and are capable of delivering feedback to peers, their manager, and project owner. When given a task with unclear requirements they know how to ask for clarification, and ensure that all assumptions are vetted before work starts to reduce the need for re-work. They understand how their work fits into the larger picture for their team, and use this to identify conflicting requirements to their people leader and product manager. They will participate in the technical design process.

This position is based in Washington, D.C.

Job Duties

  • Communicate with project owners regarding requirements and the proposed solutions
  • Develop or integrate back-end APIs to support mobile functionality
  • Design, implement, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot mobile apps

Technology & Skills Involved

  • Git (intermediate)
  • JS, HTML, CSS (intermediate)
  • JS, CSS Animation (intermediate)
  • Frontend frameworks: React, Angular, Vue (basic)
  • Semi-native / Hybrid frameworks: Cordova, Flutter, React Native (intermediate)
  • MVVM & Redux design pattern (intermediate)
  • Dart, Swift, Java, iOS development, Android development (intermediate)
  • JS security (basic)
  • CDN, reverse proxy, caching (basic)
  • Jenkins (basic)
  • RESTful API, JSON, webhook (basic)
  • English (basic)

Benefits and Perks

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Paid Time Off
  • Sick Leave
  • Maternity Leave

Application Info


Washington, DC, United States


Software Development

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